Herman Sidakov was enlightening!
— Jane Guyer

I loved every micro second of this workshop. I learned so much and I will do it again and again. I will beg my friends to come with me. Do another soon. I wish I could go to Moscow.
— Sedley Bloomfield

This workshop was a phenomenal experience. The teacher spoke entirely withhis body and was a real example of how the body can be (and oftenshould be) a vehicle for communication.
— Tru Collins

I am totally inspired by this workshop. Every exercise teaches me something I feel the exercises are making me really see, hear &feel and making me connect to the other actors. This journey is challenging but Herman’s energy — it’s a lot of fun. I feel safe in a place where I can take risks. HERMAN HAS SUCH AMAZING ENERGY. His energy gives me energy!
— Teri Gindi

His workshop was unbelievable. He was just so interesting and the things he said just made so much sense. Everything he said about being connected with your partner but not forcing the connection just made so much sense, and everything will definitely help me not only in scene study and acting in general, but it will also help me just in my life. I feel that I am more aware of people now and I feel more connected to everyone. Also, the exercises he made us do were so interesting and they made you think. He was just so flexible in exercises and so encouraging and it was a great atmosphere because of his support.
— Joey Di Concetto